Friday, December 16, 2005

this is for my fans... :)

ok girls i get the hint! i've been busy though... so now the house is empty, i have some Christmas music on, and i will let you all know some of the things that have been going on!
exams went alright. i really didn't want to study, so i knew that i really wasn't as prepared as i should have been. but i passed. and after enjoying my break i am sure that i will be looking forward to getting back to school. (i miss jen and michelle already though!)
last friday Jessi picked me up and we met my parents back at her house. it was a fun weekend! Tim (as always!) was the base of our entertainment - i love that kid! we had our traditional family poker game and were up early on sat. Dad and Jessi made another excellent turkey (without the neck right Jess?) and while it was cooking we all went to cheer Timothy on in his hockey practice! He did such a good job, but it was heartbreaking to see him in pain with sore feet :( poor guy! it was a great day though...wonderful presents and fantastic food!! i love Christmas! early Christmases are even better because now it feels like we are celebrating for the whole month! :)
on sunday we had a family reunion with my mom's side of the family. it was really nice! i got to see some cousins that i hadn't seen in a while, and get caught up a bit which was fun! and my mom's (many) siblings are all so sweet, its always nice to see them! good times!
this week has been somewhat relaxing... as much as it can be in the Forsyth household! on tuesday mom, dad and i went to get our Christmas trees! that was fun. it brought back childhood memories of fun times spent in our bush! we must have looked hilarious all bundled up and pulling two trees across the field...oh but it was worth it! and of course we continued on in the tradition of having the funniest looking trees!! Charlie Brown has nothing on us! :)
tuesday and wednesday nights we went to see Josh's hockey games...he's in Bantam so it is much faster paced and he is doing such a good job!! i am so proud of him out there on the ice; Grandma and i were his biggest cheerleaders out there on wed!! he does have a lot of talent...and i am not just saying that b/c i am his proud sister! he could go far in this!!
wed i got to go dress 'looking' with Dana! I cannot believe that this time next year she will be married. seeing her looking absolutly fabulous in a wedding dress and knowing that she is with the most perfect guy for her, seemed so surreal. i was so proud and happy and shocked and yes even sad. we were talking about how weird it is to think her and andrew (among so many other of my friends) are stepping into this new stage in life. Andrew has to start preparing to get his foot in the door for police-work and even just preparing for the wedding with Dana....grade 5 seems so far away! i am getting so excited about it!! i just want her to know how much her friendship means to me. just to see how much her and andrew have been through and to see that their love for each other has only gotten stronger, and to see how much our own friendship has grown and stretched and matured. i admire her and her growing faith so much!! friendship is a fabulous thing!
thats another thing i love about the holidays...not having to think about anything other than seeing people and catching up with them! Last night Meg and i had a wonderful night out, and on monday i am going to spend the day with my girls from high school, and then on tuesday i get to go to peterborough and spend some time with some of the Pak. team (i miss you Matt and Ruth!!) ...ahh i love it! spending time with people who i love and cherish. it interesting that this season brings out that feeling in people, and i love that God had the idea first when Jesus came to visit with us - all of those He loved and cherished.
anyway, i don't know why my posts always end up being so long! :)...maybe if i did it more often...hmmm.. ;)
love and hugs!

Matthew 1:23 ' "Behold, the virgin shall be with child and shall bear a Son, and they shall call His name Immanuel," which translated means, "God with us." '


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