Monday, January 16, 2006

start with this one! its about time i updated this thing! I know its been a while so i am just going to do a quick picture commentary on some fun times over the holidays!

Girls day!... sorry ladies i had to! (heehee!)

Laura and Jenny...being crazy! :)

Dana, giving Tony (our little mob boss!) some love... no need to be jealous Andrew! ;)
The four of us have been friends from highschool and so we try to make a point of seeing each other and catching up during our breaks. I love you girls!! SO glad i have you all to talk about *anything! :)

Peterborough visit.

Bethany (notice the nose piercing!!) and me! Mel, Ben and Todd were with us too but unfortunately i didn't get a group shot. This is us at the restaurant where i had my first East Indian food since returning from Pak. It was fantastic!! I miss it! ;) We had a great time catching up and sharing pics (Matt and Ruth yours are on the are yours Mel!) and then i got to have a sleepover and special breakfast with Mel! (thanks hon!)

Happy Birthday Dad!

my dad celebrated his 54th on Dec.24th. We had a nice breakfast and spend the rest of the day challenging each other on his new computer game... i truly am the winner boys! :)

Merry Christmas!!

Josh just has this facination with making faces!...isn't he handsome! :)

Bobbi and cousins. this is us celebrate Christmas (a little late) at my grandmas!

Proud Grandpa Bob with his little Dakota

Michelle and guys are great! :)

Jess...sorry we missed you! lol :)...this is Michelle imitating your're so beautiful!

....ok continued above!


Blogger Jessi said...


you do the face so much better than me michy-poo!

thats such a good pic of her and chris -- all the ones i have he's making a crazy face (i must bring that out in people ;)

1:02 p.m.  

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