Sunday, January 22, 2006

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Well after Passion i had to get organized for my last semester at St.Clair! (i'm not quite done in april, but i am really looking forward to getting into the hospital in august and experiencing that side of my job!)
unfortunatly that weekend i recieved terrible news from home that one of my little brothers friends passed away in a car accident. My sister is much better at expressing things in words so i am linking to her post on it. It was hard, but i am really glad that we were able to be there for my brother. When these sad times come it makes you really think about the many things you take for granted. Life, and family.
I love you Josh-man!

school is ..., i love the classes and the students...but i will be so happy to be out and in the hospital! I have seven classes (chem, hematology, tranfusion science, microbio, histology, mycobiology& parasitology, and ethics) so it should be a pretty heavy sem. But also very busy! The college aged group (from heritage church) is meeting on tuesdays, which is good b/c that means i can get out to the Bible study on thursdays at the Lenharts, plus there are 5 of us girls meeting on weds for a small group. I like those times!
things are going excellent here at the house! i love these girls! :) we finally had our Christmas dinner on friday and exchanged gifts! it was fun! :)

well...i think that about does it...

but by the way...I love this kid! (please check out the link! i love being an aunt!)


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