Sunday, August 13, 2006

summer picture update #3

... long weekend camping trip in my back yard!


...enjoying the snacks?? :)

The Storm!
a storm rocked the stretch of towns along hwy 17, they thought it was a tornado but it was found to be just high winds. it caused a lot of distruction!

...these are just a few of the spots that were hit!

Trip to ABK
...we went to visit Sarah at camp - it was nice to be back there! :) but so much has changed! and Josh! love you buddy! :)

more to come! :)

summer picture update #2

Canada Day in FontHill!

...traveling home... ;)

...good times in the car!

...beautiful hilly Northern Ontartio

...playing Charades that night in the movie theatre - Laura you are my hero!

...what to do when you are the only ones in a movie theatre lobby, and its late, and all of a sudden biting peoples heads seems incredibly hilarious! lol

summer picture update #1

Trip to St.Catharines visit Mark and Lindsey

...during the most interesting soccer game! :)

...look meg - its Niagara Falls!! :)

..the american side..

...Canadian side

...the group! :)

...all wet, but it was worth it! The Falls were So beautiful!

...mmm, chocolate!

...Linds making a delicious dinner the drive in! :)

...the girls!